About (lez) Movies

Today i want to talk about lez Movies. Movies i like of course! lol I am a huge fan of Web Series and Indie Movies. And not necessarily of the ones made my women 😛 Surprised? lol I don’t even like to watch lez Movies all the time. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve seen a lot of them. But the Stereotypes they show make me kinda sick! I am some romantic soul and yes, i do like a happy End! And to many lez Movies don’t have that. It’s like: One of the Lovers has to die. Often by a Car Accident *yawns*, or Drug abuse. I often asked myself why?

Annie and Maggie is a very good example for such crap. It was a low Budget Movie and even the acting wasn’t very good. Though i did like the Story somehow. But when Maggie had to die by this Car Accident, i was close to throw something to the wall! Damn it! Such a Stereotype, such a stupid ending! I think they made it like that, since a lesbian Love has to have such tragedy. Gay People are still not fully accepted by the Society. And to destroy the „holy Family“ for a Gay Love is still something unacceptable.

Lip Service: I really liked Season One! Ok, i am not really into (Hardcore) Sex Scenes. The Love between Cat and Frankie made the Shows worth to watch. But the Producer/s messed it up! Harriet Brown (HB) did create amazing Characters, an amazing Show. But letting Cat die was just lame! I don’t beleive that the Actors had other Engagements, actually there is no proof for it. The poor excuse of HB that she had to act quick is as lame. I am a Writer myself. And even i can think of half a dozend better scenarios. Even now after the death of Cat! Everything was done to let Cat move away. But die? NO! Yuki, my Girlfriend was shocked when Cat had to die. I could see the tears in her eyes, how hard she has been hit emotionally. And i felt the same. I was so much hurted, i was so upset, that i turned off the TV. It took us a while – some days – until we watched the rest of Season Two. We both liked Tess a lot. She is cute, she is nice. But we will never know what happens to her, since the stupid BBC cancelled the Show in January 2012. FU BBC! lol

Nightwatch, Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet are Movies based on the Novels of Sarah Waters. I liked Fingersmith best! Thumbs up BBC! lol

Lez Web Series: Easy Abby http://easyabby.com/ is a Web Series created by Wendy Jo Carlton. I like Abby which is played by Lisa Cordileone.

Girl/Girl Scene: http://www.girlgirlscene.net/ Wow!!! Tuckie Williams has the nicest smile i’ve ever seen … ok ok my GF has a nicer one *laughs* GGS is a bit to much about Sex. But still worth to watch.

LESlieVille: http://www.leslievilleseries.com/ Cute acting, believable Actors! Romance … 🙂

Some days ago i was reading this: http://www.afterellen.com/2013/05/rip-lesbians-tv-2013

And i have to agree. It seems the days of good lesbian (TV) Movies are over for now. It was all new, it was exciting. But i guess it wasn’t the great success most producers expected. So is the Trend over? I don’t hope so! I really would like to see strong lesbian Characters in Movies again. Such like me *coughs*

That’s it for today, i am running out of words. Actually i think about rewriting and continuing this Blog in Japanese or German. English is just to hard for me.